There are many benefits to automating your store with a Point of Sale system. Using a computer in your business provides you with a greater amount of data than can be retrieved with only a conventional cash register. Customer purchase history, item sales detail, stock status reports, monthly, yearly, and seasonal sales data, are only some of the detail information that can be retrieved.

This data is key to grasping total control of your business and increasing sales and profits. In addition to enhancing customer and inventory tracking capabilities, computerizing your store can also help you tighten up on security and employee tracking.

Some additional benefits to be gained by automating your retail store below:

  • Reduce costly inventory overheads
  • Make better buying decisions
  • Enhance relationships with your vendors with timely inventory information
  • Save time – automate account receivable, accounts payable, Purchase orders, and other accounting tasks
  • Speed up your checkout.
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Use the system-generated customer information to process direct marketing campaigns
  • Increase traffic in your store
  • Reduce the time spent on Back Office and Inventory functions

Computer systems only previously available to big chain stores are now readily available to retailers of any size and budget. Get the detail data you need to stay competitive with an affordable, reliable point of sale system from Gallant IT Solutions.

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